Alexis Crystal rides on the rare, transparent and beautiful Horseplay dolphins. Gentle, fierce and damn hot!

Rebecca Volpetti rides on a blue transparent dolphin in her bed. She squeezes the air out with her hot sweatpants.

Tequila and Dusty made a big catch. But before taking it to bed, they have to tame it.

Karol Lilien will commit a massacre with various high heels.

Melly, Tequila, a beachball and beautiful boobs! Let it begin!

Will Carrie Cherry be able to tame him? With her sexy leather pants, she is at least well equipped!

Rebecca Volpetti and Anina Silk want to bounce and we want to see their titties bounce. Good, that they’re bored and Rebecca got the new toys.

Alexis Crystal and Karol Lilies have blown up their horses. It is obvious that they love riding. But Alexis unexpectedly pops Karol’s horse. What will Karol do now?

Tequila loves her air mattress, she loves to sleep on it. When she wakes up, she feels the need to abuse and destroy it.
Let's hope it's just a dream!

Rebecca Volpetti has two new exercise balls. She actually just wants to do her makeup, but somehow
the balls make her hot and she just has to ride them!

The shy dusty is supposed to destroy your beachballs? OK! She sits on a bed full of lovely little beachballs.
She takes her hairpin and pops one after another!

The young and sweet girls Rebecca Volpetti and Anina Silk blow up some floaties for you. Real close and only for you!

Alexis Crystal wants to pop the mattress with a tiny hole, so you can fix it easily.

Karol Lilies rides the two toys completely naked and shows us her sexy white stripes between her hot butt.

Anny Maax rides and deflates a giant transparent beachball.

Carrie Cherry’s bed is full of dolphins. She will swim with them and ride on them.

Melly, how can you ask? We want to whip it out and stick it in! Melly sits opposite from you and helps you jerk off in a floatie!
This clip is available with english and spanish subtitles.

Of course safety is first for Alexis Crystal and Karol Lilien. Before they go for a swim, everything must be tested and we like to watch!

Dusty wants to have some fun with this beautiful unicorn. Just always inflating is really annoying.
She wants someone who is always with her and blows up each inflatable for her.
While she is contemplating she falls asleep. Will here dream come true?

Karol Lilien wears hot rubber boots. Go Karol, deflate everything in this room because these boots are not dangerous and very sexy!

Carrie Cherry wears her black high heels and plays with a huge yellow-red beachball. She kicks it with her sharp heels until it pops.

Alexis comes home after a long day at sea. The sand is everywhere, under the bikini and between the toes.
So hop into the shower. And then? Alexis, we hope you don't have enough, and still show us how you let the air out of them!

Melly likes this dragon. It looks good and hot. Sadly, she has to deflate it all alone.
But it makes her a bit horny that she knows you're watching her. You do watch, don't you?

Dusty, our sexy cat loves the fish and wants to ride it, deflate and devour it.

Tequila has blown up some floaties tightly, just the way she likes it.
She presses the air out, blows them up again and enjoys the tight inflatables at her boobs.

A room full of beachballs. And the two hot inflagirls Alexis Crystal and Karol Lilien will deflate almost all beachballs.
A funny and crazy deflate clip.

Alexis Crystal wears sexy spandex leggings and rides this beautiful transparent beachball for us.

Karol Lilien would like to deflate, the beachball is too small for her and the air goes out to quickly.
Good that she has got such a beautiful padding on her bed.

Anny Maax would like to jump on this beautiful neon yellow air mattress and bring it to pop.
Again and again, she pumps up the air mattress a little bit more until it bursts while jumping.

Carrie Cherry wears hot nylons. She blows up 2 beautiful beachballs and plays with them without destroying them.

Angel Piaff blows up the beautiful beachball only for you. She will ride it on your lap and deflate it.

Alexis and Karol had fun with the two silver dolphins. Alexis wanna watch TV now.
But Karol can’t get enough of the dolphins and don’t want to let Alexis do her thing.
How long will Alexis let Karol play with the dolphins?

Alexis wanna ride and tame the dangerous cheetah. She mounts and rides it.
The cheetah puts up with a lot but she wants to be sure and bites it.
The air comes out and now it can’t struggle anymore.

Anny Maax blows up a beautiful red swim vest as tight as her boobs.
She rides the beachball with the vest on and finally deflates all with her sexy butt.

Carrie Cherry rides and deflates the large transparent beachball. Jolly and sexy, go Carrie turn our head!

And now a little christmas gift for you? A compression popping clip with Angel and Tequila. The quality is not so good but I didn’t want to keep it from you.

Ms. Santa is here and she brought you something. A beautiful beachball which she will blow up between your legs and ride it. Have fun.
The RubYourToy team wishes you a merry Christmas and a Happy new Year!

Oh, it's Christmas time! Alexis Crystal got a present for you. She tells you how to use it and the hot helper packs it for you!

Alexis Crystal blows up some beachballs with her cigarette smoke, rides them and pops them with her cigarette.
What is hotter, the cigarette or Alexis?

Anny Maax wants to prove it and pop all the beachballs only with her butt. Well, let's see...





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